The connection involving Mollusks and Oxygen Concentrations in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California, Mexico

This examine describes the relationship between mollusks, physicochemical Houses of seawater, and sediments beneath organic problems of very low impression. 30-9 stations were sampled in Oct 1994 employing a Van Veen grab (0.1 m−two). Temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations of base h2o have been received having a CTD. Natural make any difference written content and sediment grain analysis ended up identified. A complete of 836 mollusks had been collected. Gastropoda was essentially the most plentiful (52%) and various class with 27 genera, followed by Bivalvia with 8 genera and Scaphopoda with only one genus. According to CCA Assessment, dominant mollusks were considerably connected with substantial DO concentrations. Donax, Natica, Acteocina, Bulla, Anachis, Odostomia, and Crucibulum might be labeled as delicate genera mainly because they have been identified mostly in large oxygen concentrations (3.1–5.6 mL L−one); On the flip side, Cardiomya, Nuculana, Laevicardium, Chione, Truncatella, and Dentalium can be categorised as tolerant genera (1.0–five.6 mL L−one). Todos Santos Bay hosts a diverse malacological fauna (36 genera); our outcomes clearly show the dominant genera had been predominantly relevant to high dissolved oxygen concentrations. Mollusks is usually a useful tool in environmental monitoring plans associated with oxygen depletion in coastal places.


The phylum Mollusca is the second much more diverse in amount of species only triumph over by the phylum Arthropoda [one]. Mollusks Engage in an important part while in the recycling of nutrients; they are crucial customers of foods webs as preys and predators [2], cleanguider some mollusks are exploited commercially by human populations [three–five], as well as other species are utilized to get chemical compounds to the pharmaceutical marketplace [six]. Aside from, mollusks are already utilized as pollution bioindicators in coastal environments [seven, 8].

Air pollution within the coastal places is often connected with human actions, for instance, discharge of wastewater, agricultural run-off, discharges from desalination plants, and mariculture. Hypoxic and anoxic problems prevail in a few aquatic units, for instance bays, coastal lagoons, or estuaries; even so, oxygen depletion has greater in coastal environments For the reason that sixties [nine]. Mariculture and various anthropogenic routines can favor eutrophication in aquatic methods leading to oxygen depletion with vital ecological outcomes.

Todos Santos Bay (TSB) is situated in the northwest Coastline of Baja California, 100 km from your US-Mexico border at 31°42′–31°53′ N; 116°37′–116°49′ W. It’s an area of close to 168 km2 [10]; the limits are Punta San Miguel into the north, Punta Banda for the south, and Todos Santos islands into the west (Determine 1). Somewhere around 80% from the bay lies between ten and fifty m in depth [eleven, twelve]; a submarine canyon is located with the southwest entrance of the bay reaching depths of nearly five hundred m [13]. Inside TSB the northwestern winds are dominant and variability is because of the large pressure program centered for the west of California. The main course of superficial existing is in direction of the southeast coming into from the mouth. This existing reaches up to ~35 m in depth; during the shallow Coastline from the bay (<35 m) the circulation is anticyclonic [fourteen]. Currents are more robust within the southern area and close to the mouth and weaker within the north and close to the coast [fifteen]. While in the southern part aquaculture of mussels Mytilus edulis and oysters Crassostrea gigas normally takes area considering that 1991 and 1994, respectively, and from 2000 to 2007 the yearly mean manufacture of Crassostrea gigas has become 590 ton yr−one [16]. At times the oyster lifestyle increases the event of anoxic problems while in the overlying drinking water [17], but commonly there are no variations of DO concentrations in oyster farming parts and Management internet sites [eighteen]. Hydrodynamic conditions at TSB can identify the neighborhood erosion and deposition of sediments as well as the oxygen supply at spots In the bay.

Study area in Todos Santos Bay, Baja California: spots of sampling stations.
Most mollusks experiments from the Mexican Pacific Ocean are connected to species of business worth and several pollution indicators [19–23], and few experiments have handled noncommercial species, by way of example, while in the coastal and continental shelf of Jalisco and Colima and also the Gulf of Tehuantepec [24, twenty five]. Not too long ago, other reports of the malacological fauna inside the region of Baja California were printed [26–28]. One of these experiments found 122 genera and 202 species; eleven endemic species of Gastropoda and Polyplacophora were collected [28]. Having said that, in Todos Santos Bay, there aren’t any malacological scientific tests printed Though there are several publications of Mollusker macroinvertebrate fauna, for instance isopods and polychaetes [11, 29].

Oxygen depletion in seawater impacts the abundance and distribution of benthic fauna. The reaction can differ in several species but a progressive worry has actually been noticed as DO focus decreases [thirty]. Although mollusks happen to be considered responsible indicators of human impacts [8, 31], There may be very little info on how these organisms are linked underneath pure conditions with oxygen concentrations. Important to our ecological understanding of coastal ecosystems are benthic communities; benthic fauna responds to anthropogenic disturbances which is therefore a useful tool for tracking environmental alterations [32, 33]. The intention of the operate is to ascertain the relationships between mollusk abundance and physicochemical properties of seawater and sediments below organic circumstances of reduced impact.


A complete of 39 stations (Figure 1) had been sampled which has a Van Veen grab ( m−2) in Oct 1994 aboard the investigation vessel Francisco de Ulloa. Physicochemical information within the water column have been obtained utilizing a CTD at Just about every station. Environmental info measured integrated temperature (°C), salinity, and dissolved oxygen (mL L−one) at one m above the seafloor. Two sediment samples were being taken for each station, the main to research the macrofauna and the 2nd to study sediment granulometry and organic issue information. Samples for macrofauna were being sieved by means of nested 1.0 and 0.five mm mesh screens, and organisms were being Earlier relaxed with the MgSO4 Option during ten min and glued in 7% buffered formalin Resolution. Inside the laboratory, macrofauna was sorted to distinctive zoological teams and stored in 70% ethanol. Mollusca ended up identified to genus level applying different taxonomic keys [34, 35]. Abundance (ind 0.1 m−2) for each station and complete abundance for every genus (sum of all persons) were calculated.

In sediments, natural and organic make a difference material was firm by ignition decline [36]. To investigate sediment granulometry, fifty g samples have been dry-sieved, by way of a series of mesh sizes (from 4.75 to −fourϕ), and mechanically shaken for ten min. Sediments retained on Just about every sieve were being weighted and The proportion of each granulometric class was calculated

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